Why Choose 100% Cotton Pilot Shirts?

Most pilot shirts on the market today are made entirely or mostly from synthetic fabrics. Moreover, most airlines issue these shirts to their pilots as they are the cheapest to manufacture. The problem is, they leave us in a sweaty uncomfortable mess before we even start up our engines.

Here at Airman, we have created a range of exquisite 100 percent cotton pilot shirts, providing maximum comfort and avoiding that clammy feeling at work. Here are some of the many benefits of wearing cotton:

Moisture Control

Cotton is highly absorbent, keeping liquid away from your body. This prevents sweat build up between your skin and the garment, keeping pilots fresh and dry. Many experts argue that cotton absorbs as much as 27 times its weight in water, making it your best chance of staying cool during a difficult approach.

Odour Reducing

Smells are especially pervasive within a cockpit. Every pilot has had the experience of sitting next to someone for long periods of time that smells awful. Cotton allows moisture to evaporate away from the body more quickly, removing conditions that bacteria need to build up. Learn about what causes clothing to smell.


Comfort is inherent to cotton clothing. Cotton fibres cause less irritation to the skin, making a long work day more bearable. This is especially prevalent when aviators choose slim fit pilot shirts as they are in contact with more of your body.


Cotton is considered one of the most durable fabric types. It doesn’t tear of fray easily and can withstand frequent washing. Fibres remain fused for longer compared with synthetic fibres and don’t start to become fuzzy. Whilst cotton pilot shirts are likely more expensive, they are a prudent investment in the long term.


Cotton shirts have a beautiful sheen and subtle texture that exudes quality, giving the pilot a more professional look. Cotton also resists pilling where balls of tangled fibres build up on the outside of your shirts. Cotton allows these pills to fall off in the wash, whereas pills formed by a nylon or polyester fabric are permanent. Learn about what causes clothing to pill.

All Weather

Cotton is perfect for varied temperature, providing breathability during summer and insulation during winter. Pilots are expected to operate come rain or shine, and having cotton pilot shirts are perfect for increasing comfort all year round. This is especially relevant when working in hotter temperatures and transitioning to the air conditioning of a flight deck.

Skin friendly

Cotton garments are hypo-allergenic. It is well established that cotton pilot shirts cause far fewer allergic reactions than synthetic ones. What’s more, dermatologists recommend using this type of fabric to prevent skin allergies. Also, far fewer toxins are used in the production of cotton, meaning fewer chemicals are absorbed by the skin.


Whilst cotton pilot shirts are a little more expensive than synthetic ones, and take a little more ironing, there are a slew of considerable benefits to the pilot. These shirts are vastly more comfortable, smell less and last for longer, making them worth every penny. Airman, alongside esteemed London shirtmaker T.M.Lewin, produces its pilot shirts from only 100 percent cotton, making them the perfect choice for any discerning aviator.