Caring For Cotton Pilot Shirts:

Caring For Cotton Pilot Shirts:

The pilot shirt is the cornerstone of your uniform, and the first thing your colleagues will look at when you turn up at work. A high quality, well maintained, perfectly ironed shirt goes a long way to creating a professional impression.
Slim Fit Pilot Shirt

How to Select the Perfect Pilot Shirt Fit:

In the airline industry, we have long had to make do with one size fits all shirts that fit perfectly on the collar, but are too baggy in all other areas. At Airman, we have been working with London shirtmaker T.M.Lewin ( to ensure that modern size trends are reflected in the way we make our pilot shirts.
slim fit pilot shirts

Why Choose a 100 Percent Cotton Pilot Shirt?

Here at Airman, we have created a range of exquisite 100 percent cotton pilot shirts, providing maximum comfort and avoiding that clammy feeling at work. Here are some of the many benefits of wearing natural cotton: